Grillados Peri-Peri Chicken

“ReviewPanda has drastically changed our business and increased our sales! Like most restaurants, we used to get reviews every once in a while and didn’t really have a review management strategy in place. We really didn't put much attention to it. However, once we implemented ReviewPanda, we started to see an immediate increase in reviews and our average star rating. Our daily customer foot traffic noticeably increased, but we also started to get many more catering orders and also saw an increase from tourist traffic. The number one reason why? “we saw your reviews and had to try you out!Owner: Usman Moghul



After Grillados’ leveraged ReviewPanda’s Review Management platform, they started to experience a noticeable increase in daily customers, and also experienced a significant increase in catering orders, and a significant increase in tourist traffic.


Founded in 2016, Grillado’s is a casual dining restaurant that focuses on grilling the very best Portuguese chicken with a South African twist. That twist is our variety of world-famous Peri Peri sauces. Located in the heart of Montreal, it has quickly become known for its fun and engaging atmosphere, as well as its multitude of flavours that keep customers happy and coming back for more.


- Increase average star rating on Google
- Increase average star rating across review sites
(Tripadvisor, Yelp, Facebook)
- Increase number of reviews
- Increase sales
- Alerts for any negative customer feedback


Before ReviewPanda (24 months):

-Total # of Google Reviews: 735
-Avg. Reviews Per Month: 24
-Avg. Star Rating: 4.2 star

With ReviewPanda (6+ months):

- New Reviews: 669 Google Reviews
- Avg. Reviews Per Month: 110
- Avg. Star Rating: 4.6 star


- Grillados has experienced a 400% increase in average monthly reviews, and a 10% increase in average star rating.


  • Review Funnel

    Created a customized landing page with their logo and brand colors

  • Monitoring

    Getting alerts by email to any negative reviews across the review sites with a review rating under 4 stars

  • Widgets

    Grillados add the Review Stream widget to their website to showcase their customer reviews

  • Printed Review Cards

    Grillados printed and handed out “Review Cards” to make it easier for customers to leave reviews.

  • Reporting

    Receiving weekly performance reports to evaluate progress